Was kommt mit WordPress 3.4?

Was kommt mit WordPress 3.4?

Was kommt mit WordPress 3.4?

Core Team Meetup Recap: Default Theme “Twenty Twelve”

One of the topics discussed at the core team meetup was next year’s default theme. It was determined that the default theme will be Matt’s project for 3.4. Matt will be overseeing a theme designer (via Lance) to ensure a theme that is “kind of different from before, generally palatable, and that Matt likes.” Once Matt chooses a design, a directory will be started and the core team will supervise the code from the start, hopefully with review cycles involving the theme review team.

Some notes about what we want in a new default theme:

single post/permalink view with post formats is needed
variable height header image
mobile version
default to static front page (will need a function in core to auto-choose)
editor styles the same as front end.
avoid clever things that aren’t super-useful (like ephemera widget)
start with 2011 as base for code (or 2010, which has gotten more updates and had more eyes on it)
no featured image in header
by default – no header image

To-do: Reverse engineer from 3.4 timeline to create a schedule of deadlines for theme design and development.
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