Create A WordPress Archives Template for Your Theme

An archives page is great way of linking to all of your important archives such as monthly archives and category archives on one dedicated page. It’s a great alternative to simply linking to your older posts in your sidebar and footer. Surprisingly, a lot of themes out there don’t include one by default… so today, we’re going to show you a quick way of building one from scratch.

The Kubrick WordPress Theme, which was the default theme of WordPress for 5 years (version 1.5 until 3.0), came packaged with its own archives.php template. Sadly, the last two default WordPress themes (TwentyTen and TwentyEleven) have not.

As most WordPress themes do not come with an Archives template, it is frequently necessary to create your own. In this tutorial we will be walking you through how you can create a simple archives page using the current default theme TwentyEleven however these steps can be applied to any WordPress design.


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